Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to play alone?
No, it's not possible to play alone, you can only participate as a team of 2 students.

2. One of our team members is enrolled in a different university. Can we participate?
Yes. The team members can be from different universities.

3. Can I participate in more than one team?
No, you can just be a member of one team.

4. I did not take marketing / management classes at my University. Can I participate?
Sure. The game is open to all students in the participating countries. Students in chemistry and engineering are also encouraged to participate. Please have a look at the list of participating countries here.

5. I am an exchange student and I will change to another country later. Can I participate?
Exchange students can participate for the countries listed above if they and their teammates study in the country they applied for during the time of the semi final (February to March, 2014 - the date vary from country to country). Exceptions must be approved by the local HR manager in participating countries. The local HR manager can be contacted using the Contact form in the Contacts page.

6. I am a Phd student: can I apply?
No, students attending a Doctoral Program or Phd cannot apply.

7. I am an intern at Henkel. Can I participate in the game?
Yes, you can participate. Take your friend and build up a team! Please note: Only one current or former intern can participate per team.

8. I have participated in a previous HIC. Can I join HIC again?
Last year participants can still take part in the game, provided that they were not in the semi finals.

9. What happens if one team member quits during the game?
Once a team has sent a project, no modification in its composition will be allowed. However Henkel reserves the right to allow the change if the teammate had a ligitimate reason to leave the game (i.e. illness)

10. Is the website the only channel to apply? Can I apply via e-mail / via post?
All applications are accepted only via, You can also connect from your mobile phone or tablet PC.

11. What are the rules for phase 1?
In order to participate, you should register as a team of 2 students, answer the online questions and upload the CVs of each team member. The questions regarding your innovative and sustainable idea for a Henkel product or technology in 2050 and your motivation to participate need to be answered in English. It is not mandatory to upload further material - but always welcome.

12. Where can I find examples on how to use the sustainabiliy matrix?
The Henkel website and the online Sustainability report are useful sources of information. Expecially in the Sustainability report you can find many examples of sustainable new Henkel products and how to use the focal areas in the innovation process.

13. Which sources of information can I use for my video, presentation and photos?
You can use all sources considered reliable, e.g. online resources, researches, reports, interviews, etc.


14. What are the accepted formats for additional videos and photos?
The additional documents must be bundles in a zip file. In the zip file only the following file formats are allowed: PDF, AVI, MOV, MP3. Your uploaded zip file must not exceed the size of 4MB. Note that the picture quality is not an evaluation criteria.

15. In which format do you accept the presentation for the finals?
All presentations must be prepared on PowerPoint. Any additional elements like music, videos, animations, etc. must be put into the PowerPoint presentation.

16. Do I have any chance to be selected for the semi final if I only answer to the online questions, explain your motivation?
Of course. Your concept should be well structured and in line with your vision of 2050. As long as your concept is logical and understandable in written form, there is no need for further materials. All you need to hand in are completely answered documents and your CVs. Any additional support to clarify and outline your creative ideas are welcome, but not necessary.

17. When am I informed if I participate in the semi final?
You will be informed by January 31, 2015 at the latest. The local HR manager is responsible to inform the teams about the results of the selection. Then, there will be a minimum of 4 weeks between the selection and confirmation of the teams and the semi final.

18. What are the evaluation criteria?
Evaluation criteria in the 1st phase (to be selected for the semi final) are: creativity and analytical skills. At the semi final and international final, we will additionally evaluate your communication and presentation skills, teamwork and team spirit.

Any questions that cannot be answered by FAQs? Contact us via e-mail or Facebook.