Become the business development manager of Adhesives Technologies, Beauty Care or Laundry & Home Care! Build a team of 2 students and create an innovative product or technology for an existing Henkel brand in 2050. Be 3 times more efficient by contributing to sustainable development in the Henkel focal areas.
All students can participate, no matter of the study. Students in engineering and chemistry are welcome! Show us your creativity! Read more about your tasks in the Henkel Innovation Challenge, or download the guidelines.

Every participating country selects the top student teams, who are invited to the local Semi Finals (national or regional). These teams will turn their concepts into a presentation for the semi Final, including the following:

  • Your vision, expected trends, market needs and business opportunities in 2050.
  • Your innovative idea and its sustainable advantage.
  • Your marketing plan to launch and communicate your product or technology.

You will be supported by your local mentor from the Henkel management, to help you to understand the reality of the local markets and distribution in order to prepare your 15-minute presentation.

The exact timing and deadlines will be communicated in facebook and by the local HR managers.